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Qualities Every Leader Should Have

When you’re an entrepreneur you’re also a leader, and being a leader isn’t an easy job. What makes it easier is being sure to train and develop your leadership qualities. You’ll need to figure out what the right leadership qualities are, which of those come naturally to you, and which ones you have opportunities to improve upon. The first step is knowing, so the following information will provide you with what leadership qualities you should look for and develop in yourself.


In order to be a leader you need to know how to delegate tasks. Start by practicing on a small scale with just a few people. A big key to being a good delegator is also knowing how to manage time and multitask well. You’ll need to focus on all of the people on your team with ease, and know how to manage them and their tasks in an efficient way.


You’ll need to not have a problem holding your team accountable, but you’ll also need to not have a problem holding yourself accountable. Accountability works on all sides, so work on being assertive when a problem arises with you or others to get it fixed. Be as unbiased as possible, or only be biased in the best interests of the business as a whole, not just the customers, just the team, or just yourself.


There are three personality categories that you can fall into when it comes to pressure and conflict. You can be passive, aggressive, or assertive. Your goal is to not be so passive that you allow every member of your team to resolve all conflicts in any way that they see fit, or even so passive that you allow unnecessary conflicts to fester. You also do not want to be aggressive, abusing your authoritative power. Instead, you want to be assertive, addressing any situation that arises in a calm and consistent manner, and acting fairly and thoughtfully to resolve the issue.


As a leader, attempt to have an open mind about every situation. This goes for who you hire, how you handle new ideas driven by team members, how you handle new ideas driven by customers, and your ability to be flexible in a general business aspect. You’ll want to be open so that you can take advantage of opportunities instead of being so fearful that you allow them to pass you by.

Social Quality

While it’s not your job as a business owner to be anyone’s friend, you still don’t want to allow friendliness to escape you. Be sure to smile daily, and don’t be afraid to chit chat here and there. It’s a great way to get to know your team, and to get to know your customers, which can provide several perks for you along the way.

As a leader, you want to have a business that runs smoothly and efficiently. In order to do so, you must take a look at your own qualities first. You will quickly learn that your business will mirror your own attitude and outlook, so be sure to stay positive, open, assertive, social, logical, and accountable, and everything else will follow.

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