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Kickstart Your Creative Startup

Kickstarter is a great way to launch any creative project, including a creative business. If you’ve never heard of it, you should check it out very soon. It’s a crowd-funding website, which allows people like you (the entrepreneur) to raise money from the general, supporting public (the target customer) in order to launch your business.

The key to using kickstarter is setting a goal that is reachable, and reaching it. If you don’t reach your goal amount, all of the donations are refunded and your project gets nothing, so the pressure lies in raising the amount of money you need. Like everything with business, there are some tips and strategies involved in helping you reach your goal instead of losing out.

Research Winning Projects

It’s likely that if no project like yours has worked on kickstarter, you may want to rethink one of two things: the business you’re advertising or the platform you’re using to fundraise. Kickstarter is especially for creative projects and businesses, so if yours falls in line with it, there’s a good chance it will work.

Be A Donor

If people see that someone else has donated, they will likely be more inclined to give your business a shot. So, be your biggest donor and put up a portion of the money yourself. Ten percent of your goal should be a good start, but every other penny you save can go into it as well.

Have An Awesome Reward System

The reward system is a big deal on Kickstarter. Most donors (actually called pledgers) are looking forward to something in return for their donation, so you’ll want to be sure that you give them some good incentive. Offer them a free product or a chance to be a part of the business in some way. For instance, if you’re starting a clothing store, offer free clothes and a photo shoot to be used for ads and their portfolio if they pledge $500 or more. This will appeal to a lot of fashion fans and models, and you’ll get something more out of it as well!

Don’t Set The Goal or Launch Date Too Far Away

Don’t set your goal date or Launch date too far away. Your goal should be reached within 60 days (30 if possible) and your business launch should be no more than 4 months afterward. Setting goals too far in the future is a surefire way to get people to lose interest in what you’re doing.

Offer Something Along The Way On Social Media

Use social media to promote your startup every single day. Once you reach a secondary goal (for instance, your total goal is $10k, and a secondary goal would be $1k) release something that the pledges and everyone else will love. If you’re starting a record label this would be a great way to release some tracks and have everyone hooked and ready for the next one. It’s also a great way to gain repeat pledgers who want the next prize.

Kickstarter can be a dream come true for the right business owner. If you’re interested, go to Kickstarter.com and check it out. If you decide to try it out, use these tips to ensure that you reach your goal.



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