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Delegation Tactics For The Outsourcing Entrepreneur

When you’re outsourcing, do you find deadlines being missed and directions not being followed? Do you find yourself having too much trouble with your virtual assistants than what they’re seemingly worth? If so, it may not be them, it could be you! Learn some delegation tactics that will help you more effectively delegate tasks and help you receive better work from the other end, no matter who you’re outsourcing to.

Be Lengthy

In your directions, it’s best to be lengthy and explain every detail that you expect. Most likely, your VA doesn’t want to mess up a project with you and receive a bad review, so if they’re all messing up on projects, it’s probably a genuine accident. It could however be an accident on your end. Don’t be afraid to be wordy in the first set of directions so you don’t have to find yourself making up for it later.

Set Short Deadlines

Every deadline you set should be for 24-72 hours. Believe it or not, this will actually ensure that your VA has little time to procrastinate, rather than ensuring they have plenty of time to complete the project. Procrastination can easily lead to a missed deadline, but if you don’t give them time to procrastinate, they will be more likely to get it done sooner.

One Task

Only give your VA one task at a time in order to keep them from getting confused or missing directions. If you find that you need more than one task at a time completed, then hire one assistant, develop them to meet your requirements for potential and ability, and then hire more in that manner until you have enough to suit your volume needs.

Be Accessible

You want your hired help to be able to contact you if something goes wrong, and this means you need to be accessible. Set up a Google Voice phone number and connect it to your cell phone. Give this number to those who may need to contact you for anything, and tell them to call that number and that if you don’t pick up to leave a voicemail. This will help you catch problems before it’s too late.

Keep Development In Mind & Be Patient

No worker than you outsource to will understand your needs and style from the very beginning. If you would like to ever have a VA or someone on your team who will know how to do everything you need, then you’ll need to be willing to develop them and be patient enough to teach them how you work. The key is to hire someone with growth potential, not to hire someone that’s perfect. You’ll have a much more difficult time finding the right person to stick with.

Outsourcing is a great way to get tasks done, but it can be very frustrating when not being handled correctly. Be sure to follow the rules and learn how to outsource your projects in a way that provides the most efficiency and least confusion possible, so that you won’t find yourself feeling like outsourcing is a bad idea.


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