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3 Valuable Social Media Marketing Tips

More and more entrepreneurs are looking into social media marketing. The reasons are that it’s global, it’s cheaper, more fun, easier, and more convenient on the go. Having access to so many people has never been possible, let alone as conveniently simple as it is now with technology, and there are several ways to make the best of an Internet marketing campaign with the proper use of social media.

1. The Username

Business names don’t always work as usernames, either because they’re already taken or because they’re too long, or maybe even not easy to remember. In such cases there are a couple tips to abide by.

a)     The object is to have a username that’s easy to recall. If a username is too long, shortening it by taking out the vowels will do the trick, and is easy for people to remember when they’re typing it in.

b)     Some business owners decide to use their own names, underscores, and a fraction of the business name. For instance, John Smith over The Company could be shortened to JSmith_TC, which a headshot of John Smith in conjunction with the company’s logo.

2. Quality Interaction& The 80/20 Rule

The quality of the interaction with customers is far more important than the quantity of customers that you’re interacting with. Consider the 80/20 rule, being that you will gain 80% of your income from 20% of your customers.

One customer that a business owner succeeds in making feel special could easily spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on a business. To make it simple, let’s say quality customers spend on average $1,000/year at your business. Let’s say you’ve connected with 50 people in a quality way. That’s $50,000 per year from only 50 people. Switching the terms, let’s say customer relationships lacking quality generate $100 each, per year. It would then require 500 people making single purchases.

a)     This is important because of metrics. It would take reaching out to approximately 50,000 people to get 500 to make a quantity purchase, where it would only take reaching out to 5,000 to get 50 to make a quality purchase.

b)     It’s also important because it’s much cheaper to hold onto relationships than it is to acquire new ones. PPC marketing is costly, and it’s meant for generating an added income than the return income a business already makes, whereas responding to blog posts/comments and building monthly/bi-weekly e-mail lists is virtually free, or very cheap.

Do not forget to provide your customers with quality interaction, so they keep coming back.

3. Consistent Branding

Staying consistent gives customers stability, and a sense of security. People like knowing what they can expect. There are also certain brand aspects that customers bond with, and taking those away, or not consistently delivering on those aspects can damage or ruin customer relationships.

Take the major shopping resource Target. Target has a brand based on being all-inclusive. They welcome everyone, whereas Hollister in exclusive to only certain types of people (middle-class, young, hip teens and young adults, who are physically fit). If Target started to change its brand image to be more exclusive, like that of Hollister’s, it would likely lose a wealth of customers who don’t fit into that category. Likewise, if Hollister became more inclusive, it would open up a lot of doors to a lot of people, but it would also lose the dedicated customers that supply 80% of its profits (see point number 2).

Be careful of what you say on your social networks, how you say it, and what images you display. You want them all to match one another and be consistent, so people will be dedicated to your brand image, and therefore your business. Use your username to provide an easy to remember catchall that people can remember and resort to later, and never forget to provide quality interaction with a few people that have the potential to stick around.








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