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How Google+ Helps Your Business Connect

If you know anything about a marketing campaign, then you know it’s a constant work-in-progress. Society and technology are both constantly changing; therefore your marketing strategies should be doing the same. If you already have a grasp of this concept and are contemplating your next move, think about Google+. The new kid on the social networking block is quickly growing with no hint of stopping soon. After numerous attempts at launching a social networking site that sticks, Google seems to have finally done something right. What is it, and could it do anything for you?

Global/Local Fusion

With Google+, you have access to both local and global marketing. While some other networks attempt to accomplish this, like Twitter with its “Near” option for its mobile apps, and Facebook’s ability to search who is close by, neither have accomplished this quite the way Google has. This is because Google is primarily a search engine. Now you actually need a Google+ profile in order to be listed in local searches. If your business does any business close to home, and isn’t just reaching out to a global market, then you need a Google profile.

The Global Aspect

Google+ performs similarly to other social networks in the sense that you have a profile, and you also have a timeline. This timeline is your key to communicating with other Google+ members. You can post pictures, text, and links. You can also organize your contacts into circles, separating them and filtering what they’re able to see from your profile. This means you can communicate with customers and colleagues separately without changing applications. There are also other perks, like group editing in Google Docs, and planning events with your different circles.

You haven’t seen the best quite yet. What makes Google+ a charm compared to other social networking websites is the ability to video chat with 1 person, or with groups (up to 9 people). These chats, called “hangouts”, are not very simple. They have numerous features that can help your business, and the following will teach you what the benefits of hangouts are and, quite specifically, how you can tap into them.

·        With hangouts, you have the ability to go live with whatever discussion peaks the interests of you and your target/actual customers. You can schedule a hangout, or simply start one up on the spot, and up to 9 people can join in the discussion. This is a great way to find out how a promotion is going, and get some feedback from your customers about your overall business.

·       You can also use hangouts to hold business meetings. One way to cut down on rented office space and time is to have as many people on your team as you possibly can work from home or remote locations. If you’ve already figured that tidbit out, this tidbit should help you plenty. Use hangouts to hold business meetings. No one has to be anywhere expect in front of his/her computer.

·       If you’re wondering how video chat can work with up to 9 people, hangouts are intelligent. The camera is configured to become attracted to the voice that’s speaking. Whoever holds the table will also have the spotlight, which will help everyone stay on track.

·      The strength of Google+ hangout notifications is a great help in letting people know they’re invited, plus allowing them to see what live hangouts are going on right there on the side of their screens. This will help a lot when it comes to getting people on board with the hangout.

In short, Google+ can add to your business’s ability to connect to both customers and employees. It’s the most convenient social networking site when it comes to connecting with people in the “now”, while still not missing out on features that other social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook have to offer. Is Google+ the best of both worlds for any entrepreneur? Absolutely.

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