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How Introverts Can Succeed in Business

Introversion is typically defined as being concerned with one’s own mental life above anyone else’s.  Serving as a broad definition, introverts typically enjoy solitary activities, have a few close friends rather than a large group, gets nervous in crowds and tends to think (sometimes too much) before speaking.  The term “introverted salesperson” seems an oxymoron, as how can quieter people possibly make sales and influence people?  Here is an introvert’s guide to success in a competitive business world.

 Conquer Fears, One Day at a Time

 Usually, our fears are built up in our own heads, and can easily be conquered.  To become more extroverted in the business world, it is important to learn how to conquer this fear.  For example, if your fear is personally introducing yourself to others, try and do exactly this at least once a day.  If your fear is getting rejected, allow this to happen once in a while so you can see that it is not as bad as you have built it up in your head. 

Hello World, It’s Me

Introduce yourself to the public, say hello to every stranger you meet, and discover new places in your city.  Do this routinely until you get used to it, by picking the same place and going there every day.  This is a great stepping stone to discovering new places and learning new things.  It is also a great topic at parties:  “Guess where I went today?”.  As for making eye contact with strangers, people may look at you oddly, but this builds confidence when dealing with a sales situation and new clients. Be observant and recognize that everyone is different, rather than just zooming in on flaws. 

Persistence in the Public

There are no stupid questions.  When in the sales arena or any other business, be persistent and consistent of questioning your higher-ups, no matter how silly it may seem.  This type of inquisitiveness is seen as you being interested in the product and will sometimes be rewarded.  Also, showing curiosity with that type of voice rather than keeping it to yourself is a very extroverted trait.  Force yourself to stay busy, and enter a public speaking engagement if you have the time.  For most introverts, public speaking is terrifying, but it is essential to get comfortable in front of an audience to succeed in sales.  This is also when it is helpful to be passionate about the product. 

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