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Popular Resume Mistakes

In today’s competitive business world, there are many ways an employee can bolster their resume and get ahead of the pack.  There are also ways that an employee can hinder their chances of being hired.  Here are some popular resume mistakes to avoid at all costs!

Unprofessional Email Accounts, etc.

When you are applying for a job, it is important to have a polished resume and cover letter.  No one will care how funny it is that your email address has a funny name in it.  It is important to be creative, but not TOO creative where it tows the line of inappropriate.  Play it safe and use a generic email address that is just you, not your family, spouse, or something cute.  This address will follow on all your professional documentation. 

Failure to Proofread

Let’s say you are applying to an editorial position- the last thing your employer wants to see is a resume with multiple spelling and grammar mistakes.  This just shows you are unprofessional, and can’t even take the time to correct yourself.  This is an age where there are multiple spell checks, and it is very easy to correct a document.  Make sure all dates are consistent, and have another pair of eyes look at it to make sure it makes sense.  Don’t  be lazy, proof-read!

Inappropriate Photos, Words, etc.

Unless the office you are applying to has a very lax dress code, no boss wants to see a picture of you in a bikini or something equally revealing.  Your resume should reflect the atmosphere in which you are applying to, and new systems can actually filter these inappropriate photos.  The same goes for email signature, or voicemail on the phone the employer is trying to reach:  You will not be hired if your voicemail is inappropriate or too casual.  It is safe to say your voicemail at work would be similar if hired, and employees don’t want to deal with that.  Also, don’t be lazy!  List ALL of your accomplishments on your resume.  Why wouldn’t you want to look as accomplished?  But don’t write your life story either- that’s too much information.

Bottom line, don’t be boring, excessive or inappropriate on your resume. Include one or two pertinent facts to stand out and make sure to fill out all of the necessary information.  Never lie about references, or provide information that is no longer relevant.  All of these facts are to be avoided if you want to be hired at a reputable business. 

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