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Ways to Engage Customers

Start fresh with new marketing campaigns in a new year!  This article focuses on what to spend your marketing dollars on, to attract customers in an age when everything is digital- and accessible. 

Re-work the Media

Traditional media methods are no longer enough to hold a customer’s attention.  It’s all about combining traditional methods now.  Rather than just a TV ad or just a newspaper ad, marketers can now use the Internet to build an interactive company website.  This website should focus on all the products your company offers, using personal experiences, reviews, and photos to tell the story of your company. All of these techniques provide excellent, quality company profiles.  Use social media to tell even more stories and feedback about your company. 

Communicate One-on One With Customers

Customer interaction is more important than ever, with everyone having so much choice it can make your head spin.  It is important to read reviews, as customers are now spending their money at businesses, and on products and services, they trust to deliver on every level--from the purchase itself to customer service.  Retailers should be focused on reviving or setting up in-store demonstrations, workshops and other events to interest customers.  You can never have too many customers with too many interests!

Show that You Understand Your Customers

Customers expect you to know what they like.  This is how customer loyal is established:  providing the same quality services at a good value.  Talk with your customers, and show them you care.  Take their suggestions and feedback and this is how you can improve a product.  Set up online advisory groups, blogs, and other feedback options for customers to sound off on.  This is also an excellent way to come up with a potential new product or business idea!  Focus also on charitable interests that are passionate to your costumers.

Never underestimate the power of a customer!  They have the ability to make or break your business. 

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