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Tools for Livening up the Office and Promoting Relationships

In today’s age of getting everything done and results as quickly as possible, we often forget that the office is like a family.  Families need to collaborate together every now and then to achieve success and harmonious relationships.  In-person collaboration has become more important than ever, in an era of communicating via “smart” device!

Make the Environment Interaction Friendly

Google is known for having an interactive environment that caters to its employees.  There is always something to do.  Your company can change this by adding interactive tools around the office, ie a big smartboard, so everyone can communicate with each other from room to room. A fine example of this is the Steelcase, a company which features a collaborative table and teleconferencing tool called media:scape.  This product lets up to four users plug in and share their own device screens -- and audio -- on a central display simply by pushing a button. Don’t be afraid to get touch screens as well for a more hands-on experience.  Employees like being a part of things, and they can get a more direct experience with a touch screen board.  The popularity of the iPad in offices rests on the fact that is both portable, colorful, and touchable. 

SMART Boards are Smart

SMART Boards, an interactive white board, are becoming all the rage in today’s companies.  Easy to use, they now come with storage and viewing for PDF’s and other large company files.  Use a SMART board to get your company to collaborate on a specific project, as they can mark up the board as a group with their suggestions.  Also, invest in a smart table.  Smart tables turn ordinary conference tables into computers, where employees can gather around and have their sensory computer experience.  It is known as a “next gen” collaboration platform for employees. 

The emergence of new technology itself is a great way to get the office to collaborate:  People are always interested in the next big thing. 

Keep your employees interesting in dynamic, moving tools.  They will no longer be bored and disengaged!

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