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Technology Time Wasters

With all the choices we have in today’s workplace, sometimes the most popular technological “quickies” become counterproductive in nature.  Here are some of the most common wastes of time in current technology and how to avoid them during the workday. 


How often do we check our emails throughout the day?  Any new company developments, urgent memos, etc. are a daily part of office life.  However, most of the time our email is just spam and not important at all.  You can also have the boss that sends you 15 one word emails that just clog up your box.  This can be avoided by tweaking your email priorities:  Make a read now, read later, or just delete section in your head (or on your email program) to help you better organize correspondence.  Try not to make your email responses too lengthy, and download other programs to help you better organize your emails, like a third-party email manager.

The Phone and Social Media

An ongoing debate in today’s offices is having social media and mobile phones available to employees.  The truth is, you need to find a delicate balance between constant chatter and good morale.  Taking away everything can be seen as very harsh and controlling.  To fix this, screen your calls and set up a priority system:  Not every call needs to be answered; some can be directed to voicemail.  Make instructions to send an email or text instead.  Create a separate IM’ing/social media account and try to restrict some of your access and time at work.

To-Do Lists

To-Do lists are a great way of organizing the 15,000 things our technological devices tell us to do every day.  I know someone who can’t remember which tasks to do first, so he makes notes everywhere on all of his iPhone notepad and reminder functions. Other systems, like Zen to Done, prioritize everything for you once you put in all the daily data.

You can take control of all the technology in your life without ignoring everything or, on the other side of the spectrum, being glued to it!  It’s all a matter of device management.

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