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Apps for Working Moms

Working moms are more of superwomen than just moms. You are expected to do so many things at the same time – social, job-related and domestic tasks. This often drains you out and makes you feel guilty of not being able to manage everything you are supposed to. Development in technology is now there for your help. Here are few apps that will help you to be more organized and feel active all day through:

Calorie Counter – this is a diet tracking app that helps you to log in what you are eating and calculate the calories consumed. It is also used to scan the barcode of the food package for counting the calories. This helps you to make a decision about the nutritional quality of the food and gives you an idea about the consequences of the specific diet. 

Grocery Gadget Shopping List – this unique app helps you to save time and money by creating shopping lists for different shops. It also enables you to compare the prices of items across different stores.  The most attractive feature of this app is the sync which ensures that you and your spouse will not end up buying the same thing. 

Mint.com Personal Finance – this is an app that will help you to budget, track and manage the money matters. The app can be used to show all your accounts and obtain transactions regularly. Any working women would find it more convenient to make and follow a family budget with this handy app available for android phones. 

Dragon Dictation – is an easy-to-use voice recognition app that allows you to type text messages, emails, remainders and status updates. It is faster than typing on the key board and thus saves a lot of time for other priority works. 

Awesome Note – this is a one-stop app for combining your thoughts and notes with your to-do lists. All your notes and folders can be kept together with this app. This makes it easy to access memos, diary, checklists and travel plans in different folders. It also helps you to make a note easily which can be later printed out, if needed. 

InstaPaper – this app allows you to save web pages as Text so that you can read it later during leisure or commuting time. You can customize the page by working on fonts, text sizes, line spacing and margins. 

Nike Training Club – this is more like a personal trainer than just an app. It has more than 80 custom-built workouts with instructions and audio. With workouts from successful trainers and audio guidance, this app will surely help you to be in shape.

MyMiniWallet – this is ideal for organizing gift cards, receipts, coupons and membership cards. This reduces the junk in your original wallet. It also has the provision to share with others so that one can borrow a coupon or membership card from you and vice-versa. 
Snapp! – this app helps you to add a new contact to your phone. It also sends a follow-up email to the new contact which helps in networking. This saves a lot of time in sending and receiving information through business cards and addresses.

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