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Cardinal Sins in Online Marketing

The Internet is for all intensive purposes, an open forum.  There are no real rules, and many, many opinions on how products should be sold, bought, and marketed.  The SEO (search engine optimization) is key.  Here are some things a marketer or businessperson should NOT do while online marketing. 

Weak, Amateur Looking Content

Nobody wants to see content with very little backing and spelling errors abound.  The reason behind this is mainly that a website or product with very little background information looks unprofessional and unsubstantiated.  Customers want to see a strong website presence, with many social networking references, excellent grammar and spelling, and other tricks that will put your website at the forefront of Google and other search engines.  Don’t sit on the sidelines while the competing company’s websites garner attention!  If building a professional website seems mind-boggling, hire someone to do it.  Customers also like to see testimonials of those who have tried the product before you; they enjoy reading things from personal experience. 

Impatience is Not a Virtue

Be patient, and be sure to give your website/up and coming marketing campaign enough time to flower and prosper.  Online marketing was not built to be a short-term animal, it needs proper time to be noticed in an age where there is constant competition. 

Be Devoted

No one wants to read a website that looks like it was hastily composed by those who don’t even seem passionate about the product. A product description needs to be thorough, researched, and the content not entirely full of errors.  No consumer will take this seriously, and if you’re not interested in the product, they certainly won’t be.  Passion is a very important quality to have about your business venture or product you are trying to sell.  Guest blogs, testimonials, and other personalized reviews on the product are a good way to hook other newcomers and also helps raise the likeability factor. 

Even Distribution of Workload

Hire people who are experts in their given field.  Online marketing is way too vast and complex an industry to have one person do everything.  Oftentimes, hiring freelance people also helps to get things done if they can’t be done in-house.  Don’t be afraid to distribute different types of work to different people!

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