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Re-Entering Your Career After Having Kids

Women often have lots of questions in mind while restarting their career after taking a break to raise children. Having a fulfilling job is very important while re-entering a career. Redefining and re-evaluating the career strategies are significant in getting the right career at this stage.

Restarting a career after being away to raise a family is always a real challenge for any woman. Several questions keep popping in their mind including whether it will be successful, whether they will be able to balance house and work, whether children will be affected and many more. This is when one has to prioritize to take up a career that is based on one’s competencies and skills. Such a career is sure to give more satisfaction and fulfilment for those getting back to work after a long gap.

Thus, finding a job that you enjoy is very important in restarting your career. Here are a few steps that would help to redefine your search for the most fulfilling job after the gap:

Re-evaluating career strategies – This is important to enter into a career that is really challenging yet fulfilling for anybody. Many a time, women take up the same career which they pursued before having children. But often, women shift priorities, learn new skills and develop new interests and passions after having a child. One may need to look at a different, less traditional career option to keep up with the physical and mental changes.

Re-define career – It is time to re-define what you mean by a fulfilling career. It may not be the one that requires long hours or increasing salaries. Prioritize the values that a career often presents – independence, work culture, organization and career growth, and also include indirect factors like commuting time.

Follow the redefined version of career – The right job comes when you are able to follow your new version of ‘career’. Moving away from the priorities might drain you within no time. Look out for opportunities in those companies that meet the criteria.

Develop a new resume – Based on the above evaluations, create a new resume that speaks for itself. This is very important for any application as it highlights your brand and stresses on your mission.

Have mock interview sessions – Practicing the interview is a sure shot step to success in getting the right career. This will help you to convince the recruiter that you are the right person for the post while assuring you that this is the right career for you. Prepare answers for common interview questions that relate to your experience and qualification. Also be prepared to ask the recruiter relevant questions.

Following the above steps will definitely increase your confidence levels. After all, it is important for women to feel that they can be successful mothers with successful careers.              

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