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Increase Your Pay

Do you believe that getting more pay in you present job is possible? Yes, it is more than possible to have an increase in your salary – if you are ready to do more and be more in your present job! The basis is that you should be able to convince your seniors that you do deserve the raise.

Here are a few simple strategies to get a raise in your present job:

Ask for a raise – Experts say that women do not get a raise because they do not ask for it. Women often tend to accept how much ever they are offered in a job. So do remember to ask for a raise at the right time. You should believe that you are a high earner. As you start believing in this fact, you will be surprised to see that more and more responsibilities start coming to you.

Negotiate comfortably – Women generally do not negotiate aggressively and thus tend to fall behind in their salaries when compared to men. Studies show that men negotiate four times more than what women do and when women do negotiate, they do that 30% less than men.  Be comfortable negotiating for what you are worth. Keep a detailed documentation of your achievements handy so that it will be useful while negotiating.

Self-promote – Ensure that you are visible among the superiors and colleagues in your workplace. Take up a few challenges and carry out all the responsibilities with flair. See to that the management is aware of your work and contributions. Share your achievements and successes with your boss regularly. A weekly email update would be enough to keep him/her in the loop. Self-promote and ensure that others notice your work in the workplace.

Update the skills – Update your skills through training or certifications that add value to your job. Improve your academic qualifications, if needed. Online learning would be an ideal option for those looking out to improve the skills in between the hectic schedule.

Compare the salaries – Talk to your colleagues to know how much they are earning. Women generally do not start this topic while speaking to others. Sharing this information would help to understand how much a particular skill set earns in the organization. This will help you to rate in the scale while asking for a raise in the next opportunity.

Time your request – When you are asking for a raise, time it appropriately. It is ideal to do so before the annual review in a company that is doing well. But ensure that you have agreed to take upon additional responsibility before doing so.


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