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How To Politely Avoid a Meeting

Meetings are indeed a very important part of the office processes. But unfortunately, the meetings become so much that you start feeling them as a colossal waste of time. With back to back meetings throughout the day, they come across your way of doing things at the right time in the right way. It definitely affects productive time in the workplace. There are times when you really want to get out of the meeting but may not know how to do it without damaging your reputation.

Here are a few tips to avoid making an issue and keep sane:

Do let your boss know about your absence and the reason behind it. Ask one of your team members to take notes during the meeting and update you regarding the same. Ensure that you let your boss know that you are apprised of the events when you meet up.

You can also think of informing other team members that you need to leave early just a few minutes before the meeting starts. This will help to avoid the situation where you need to explain further on the reason. You need not feel guilty as you are doing so to do the actual work.  

Sitting in a position where you can move out of the room quietly without affecting the procedures would be an ideal way to avoid attending the whole drama. If you can make your presence felt in the room at the start of the meeting, by a clever and insightful comment or remark, other members may not be much worried or affected by the absence later.

Avoid giving any excuses for the absence later. You can tell them about the deadline on which you are presently working.

You can think of scheduling meetings on one particular day of the week if others cannot schedule meetings for you. This way you are not stressed out too much as you can organize the rest of the work on other days.

When you receive a meeting request, do accept it and send a note saying that you would like to meet the host a few minutes before the meeting to share updates and thoughts in person. You can also add that this is because you may not be able to attend the whole meeting. This way you can share your legitimate thoughts and not attend the meeting.

Some of the above-mentioned methods may work always for some of us. But for others some more innovation may be required. Hope they will help you to be polite and return back to actual work!

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