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First Day at Work After Motherhood

Returning to work after the tender time spent with the little one once the maternity leave is over is a challenge. Any woman at this time is sure to have several emotional anxieties on the first day at work. The change in routine, leaving the child with the care-giver, and the expectations at the workplace is sure to make the return traumatic for any mother. Added to this is the lack of sleep during the last few weeks taking care of the little one. Here are a few tips to keep the entire things on track while back on work:

Plan ahead – Give the child two to three days time before the maternity leave ends to get adjusted to the new care given. Also plan the extra supplies needed for the child care, clothes and other things needed for the job. Organize your wardrobe and make up at least one day ahead. It would be ideal if you can join back during the middle of the week so that the short week will make things easier for you.

Make a list – Prepare a list of things to be done and carried on the first day. This will help you to avoid the last minute rush when you forget the bottles. Keep a copy in the kitchen and car to ensure that you do not miss out anything. The list will include empty bottles, purse, caps, diapers, wipes and extra clothes for the child. Check the list before going out of the house. Pack your lunch, healthy snacks and water bottles the night before and keep it refrigerated.

Reschedule the morning routines – Set your alarm a little early so that you get enough time to get ready, get the child ready and drive down to your office. Ensure that there is enough time to finish all the other morning chores at home. Divide the tasks with your spouse, including taking care of the child.

Get enough sleep – Ensure that you get enough sleep in the first week after coming back to work. It is indeed energizing to be back in work, but the first week will drain the energy and you need to give enough rest to take care of the child.

Talk to other moms – Chat with moms who are in the same condition during the break and this will help you to feel more comfortable with the situation.

Think about the child – It is very normal for a mother to think about the baby on the first day. You need not feel guilty if the mind goes back to the baby. Gradually, you will be able to focus on the task on hand.




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