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Adapting to a Junior Boss

Whether you are restarting your career or switching it for a new one, it is possible that you may have to work under a boss who is younger. Now, this is a dicey situation for a person who is more experienced. But adapting to this situation is very important to enjoy your job and to contribute positively towards the workplace. Here are a few tips that may help you to flow with it:

Leverage on your impressive abilities – You are an experienced person and have impressed quite a few people in your earlier opportunities. Let this ability work for you in the new place too. Avoid talking about the past credentials and accomplishments. Instead show how your qualification and experience can be an asset to the organization. Use your impressive abilities to show how you are an integral part of the group. Play as a good team member and always use the opportunities to master the details of the new job in hand.

Forget the generation gap – It is normal for a person to think of the generation differences whenever a younger person is in charge of the team. Keep the differences away and note the skills and abilities of the new boss that helped her land in the position. Try to focus on the motivations and interests of the boss. This will help in creating the right atmosphere for a strong team based on trust. By the way, you get to know why they do things in a particular way!

Show empathy – Just as you are uncomfortable working with a boss younger than you, the boss also might be feeling insecure working with a person elder to her in age. Acknowledging this fact and supporting each other, rather than keeping you at a distance, will help both ends.

Show adaptability – The workplace may have changed a lot during the short break that you had in between. Being adaptable to these changes will make things easier for both you and your boss. This does not mean that you need to compromise your professional beliefs. You just need to be adaptable to something new, whether it is in communication or in the process. You can stress a few ‘old’ values which are still important in the present day.

Always remember that helping the younger boss, to be aware of their strengths will help you in the long run. When the boss is respected, the employees are benefitted eventually. So add value to your position by helping them. You never know, you may end up as the boss one day!


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