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How to Create an Unforgettable Brand Online

In simple terms, a brand represents a unique value that creates emotional appeal, and there is always a name or term associated with it. If you ask most people, they will tell you that the biggest brand in the world is McDonald’s or Coca-Cola.  But while Coca-Cola might be the king in the soft drinks industry, McDonald’s is the biggest name in food service retailing. These companies have been around for a long time.

However, another name that will always come to mind is Google, which started a few years ago.  The web is a very powerful tool that can change the state of things at the speed of light.  Your name is your strongest brand. “I need Joan Larsen” is far better than “I need a good strategist”. You won’t find many people saying “get me Summit Consulting Group.” Rather they will say, “Get me Alan Weiss.”

Your name is your brand and building your brand entails that you do a lot of homework. For a starter, search your brand and those of your competitors and colleagues via Google. You can equally use Google reader to enlist in automatic updates from blogs.

What does the result you get tell you after you have searched your name and the brands that are associated with you? Are they impressive enough and complements your credibility?  Or are they a true reflection of the efforts you are not making in creating your brand? If you discover that your brand is not strong and consistently impressive enough, you can try out the following:

-             If you are involved in any form of publishing, position your name as the brand. For example: “Alan Gardner’s Accounting handbook” or “Jane’s Recipe Book”

-             Publish regularly on your blog and write lots of articles. Go further by sharing your knowledge on social media and online communities.

*             Try to build online relationships and connect with influential bloggers and authors with online reputation. You can achieve this by;

-              Commenting on their blogs, social media and sites with helpful and thought provoking contents. 

-              Mention their products and contents in your podcast, articles and videos.

-              Interviewing them and offer to be interviewed

-              Monitor what people are saying about your brand and respond quickly to both the positive and negative comments.

-              Interact with a journalist and supply them interesting and relevant information for their audience.

Finally, in every field, there would be an established industry leader. Who are the industry leaders in your niche? What are they doing that makes them stand out among others? Try to learn one or two things from them and apply those things you have learned into your business.

Remember that the secret of building a successful brand lies on your ability to provide value to your visitors, clients, and audience which ultimately improves their condition.


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