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International Nurses Association Helps Inspire Nurses

Most nurses enter the profession brimming with enthusiasm that is based on compassion and consideration for their fellow human being.  Opportunities to save lives, encourage the scared or uncertain, and provide comfort for the grieving are all attractive reasons to join this noble profession.  Unfortunately, the demands of paperwork, too many patients or responsibilities or the overwhelming emotional burdens associated with hospital work can take its toll on even the noblest aspirations.
To help its members deal with these many challenges the International Nurses Association has introduced a variety of tools that can improve the lives and careers of nurses.  INA is now offering a variety of networking opportunities, discounts and helpful advice resources. Members can now connect with other medical professionals encountering the same challenges as well as with seasoned veterans who have faced these challenges and overcome them.

The Mentorship Program that is offered through www.inanurse.com pairs nursing veterans with young students seeking a nurse education or new nurses just beginning their careers.  The lessons that these experience professionals can share can help young nurses avoid the pitfalls that are common to this field.  Nurses who have served for years in this demanding field can draw inspiration from these eager young professionals and find validation that they are helping the next generation of medical professionals.

Many young nurses enter the healthcare industry with large financial burdens resulting from college, nursing school and starting a new life in a new city.  In order to minimize these financial burdens, the International Nurses Association is now offering scholarships to deserving students. International Nurses Association is partnered with Dale Carnegie, a storied organization that has been helping young professionals achieve success for more than a hundred years. This collaboration is now benefiting students seeking a nurse education or currently enrolled in a nursing program. The scholarship application can be found at www.inanurse.com.

The International Nurses Association is also providing nursing discounts.  Utilizing its global network of partnerships with major retailers like Siemens, GE and Philips, INA is able to offer products and services to international nurses around the world. As a valued member of INA, members may receive nurse discounts through the Personal Buying Concierge service.  This service utilizes a trained team of purchasing advocates to bargain for deep discounts on a variety of products, travel and entertainment offers. Many of these nurse discounts are also available through the Nurse Purse page and are updated daily.

The International Nurses Association also provides helpful advice about careers and personal lives through print and online resources.  International Nurses Association publishes the Nurse Advisor Magazine, Nurse2Nurse Newsletter and others that are packed with the latest advice on stress management, sleep improvement, professional organization and salary negotiating. These articles are submitted by nurses, physicians and leading lifestyle experts. 

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