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How Employers are using Klout.com to Measure Your Clout Before Hiring You

Are you planning to interview prospective job seekers to beef up your staffing needs next year? One important question you have to answer is what will be your criteria for selecting a candidate? Would it be based on their personal branding skills or their high IQ?

The two are increasingly becoming valuable for employers these days.  As the economy transcends from a knowledge based economy to a social reliant one, more and more companies are beginning to see the importance of applicants’ branding skills; the same way they value their traditional qualification and core job competency. A branding skill can actually boost an applicant’s CV and has helped a lot of socially skilled applicants land positions. 

As a new barometer to measure one’s social influence, San Francisco based company Klout has strangely intertwined itself with employers who are looking to measure one’s “sphere of influence” during the hiring process.  Employers are equally weighing up their options when it comes to picking a candidate with only his certificates to show for hiring someone with a good “Klout Score”. Some firms are even using the latter to prioritize their hiring needs. In a recent job advertisement by Saleforce.com, the basic criteria for landing the community manager position was listed as having a Klout score of above 35.

With the recent development, it leaves many wondering; which one is more preferred - evaluating applicants based on their social connectivity or in consideration of their intelligence?

But just as the SAT score is used to evaluate students for college admission, a Klout score indicates the competence of an individual in many of such abstract skills like the ability to connect socially. This is seen as being a crucial factor for many jobs today, especially those that have to do with people management.

Just as most professional fields see social capital as a valuable credential, Klout scores are increasingly being used to indicate one’s ability to become an “influencer” in his core areas of expertise.

These days, people are not employed based only on the traditional criteria. Employers are beginning to see personal branding as a prerequisite for landing a position with them. Therefore those applicants with better branding skills will always have an edge over others in the populated job market.

Although Klout has gained popularity, it has by no means escaped criticism.  One’s impact or influence on society cannot simply be measured by a computer algorithm.  Although “scores” are an approachable ideology we have become comfortable with since our days in grade school, it is not a realistic measure of your capabilities.

So what can you do to make sure you appear to be socially connected and an online presence?  Always start by Googleing yourself.  The answer will be in what you see, or don’t see. Do you have a website, a blog, listings in social media, published articles?  All of these things are what employers are looking for, and what make up your brand.

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