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Dress Right for the Interview

Right dressing is very important in making a good impression, next only to a well-written resume. It also adds to your confidence while facing the recruiters. Many feel that dressing does not matter much in an interview. But in the present job situation, if anybody can look right for the position they always tend to have a better chance during the interview.

Fashion experts believe that one should be more conservative in choosing the dress for an interview. So instead of a trendy set, go for the traditional pantsuits, pencil skirts and sheath dress. Ensure that the color of the dress is not repulsive. Opt for the colors that go with you.

Talking of colors, it is a common belief that one should be in black to get the look for an interview. But one need not look very solemn also. Opt for the shade of brown if it looks good on you. You can also break up the basic colors like black and grey with a small pop of colour. This will help to give you added confidence and liven up the look. 

Needless to say, interview dress should be chosen according to the job level. Job interviews for a senior level needs you to wear a good quality suit without much of patterns. Also, one has to pay attention to the details to ensure that nothing is amiss. Of course, designer logos that are quite obvious and excessive jewellery should be avoided. Always avoid going in too casual a dress for any interview. It is important to dress up a little for the meeting. 

Understanding the culture of the organization where you are going for an interview also helps in dressing up appropriately for the interview. The expected dress code for a tech-start up might be different from that of a teaching position or a banking post interview. 

Wearing clothes that fit well is equally important like choosing the right clothes. If you are doubt of what looks best on you, do look out for help in the matter. It is better to get good-quality clothes whenever one goes shopping for an appropriate interview clothes. This way one can avoid buying a new set each time you have to go for a meeting or an interview. The only expense associated with the set would be that of dry cleaning. 

Do take care of the do’s and don’ts of dressing while preparing for an interview. It is sure to boost your confidence and help you make the right impression during the meeting. 

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