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Building a Career or a Personal Brand

For most companies, building a brand is the most important thing to do. But, why is there so much fuss about building a brand name? Laura Ries, an author and a brand strategist, noted that a brand is a name that symbolizes something in the audience’s mind. For example, Google stands for “search”, while Nike stands for “sneakers”.  But what about personal branding? Is it possible to achieve a brand for yourself? The new Yahoo’s CEO, Marissa Mayer, is a perfect example of how building your personal brand can galvanize you to your career pinnacle.

How did she attain the enviable position as Yahoo’s CEO? As Laura Ries puts it, she has a brand- while most people don’t.  Marissa Mayer became a brand while working as an engineer with Google. Her activities contributed immensely to Google’s success today.

Ms. Ries has some prior knowledge about branding – she is the daughter of Al Ries, who wrote a book on positioning. The book has been acclaimed as the online bible of branding. Also, her 18 years experience with Ries & Ries, a company founded by father and daughter, shows she has a lot to say when it comes to branding. She is also a consultant with many notable companies around the world on branding strategies.

Laura believes that when it comes to choosing to build a career, consider building a brand as the sin-qua-non to your overall success. But how can one build their brand?

Define yourself and identify your unique abilities: The first step is to know yourself and identify your areas of expertise.  What are those qualities in you that set you apart from others? It could be you are very good at time management and tend to complete projects well ahead of time. Yours might be in other areas. This is where to begin.

See yourself with the eyes of others: Try to understand other people’s opinion of you. What are the impressions you create on neighbors, friends and business associates? Interact with a lot of people and find out their perception of you with regards to your strengths. Your discovery can then be used to build your brand.

Once you have discovered and created your personal brand, you can use some tools to let people know what you actually represent. Some of these tools that are highlighted include resumes, business cards, Linked profile, Twitter profile, Facebook Profile, and website, videos and blogs. Get involved in social networking to let people know you and your unique qualities. The State Business network is a great place to start.  Of course that is only part of the job. The major part lies in how you translate your qualities into something unique that your organization or business associates cannot do without.

Though personal branding takes a lot of time and efforts, finding your strengths, thinking through your career goals and finding ways to achieve them can produce unimaginable results. Just see how it has helped Marissa Mayer, Yahoo’s CEO.   For help building your personal brand, email us at info@statebusiness network.com.

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