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Build Up Your Business Image in These 5 Steps

1.            Website: With thousands of websites selling the same thing, consumers evaluate your website in a matter of seconds.  Do yourself a favor and show ten strangers ten websites that have offerings similar to your business.   Make sure yours is one of the ten, and then ask them to identify whose site they would buy something from and why.  Chances are the only people who have critiqued your website are friends and family.  You would be surprised as to what strangers would say, and how enlightening these unbiased evaluations can be.

2.            Ad Campaigns: Advertising has taken a different dimension in recent years as a result of stiffer competition. Although traditional advertising methods such as mail and print are still effective, Pay-per click campaigns such as Google Ad-Words, Facebook and LinkedIn, allow you to target your ads directly to those who would be interested in your offering.  Besides that, it is an easy way for you to see what tactics resonate with consumers and it gives you the ability to test your efforts by measuring tangible results.

3              Harness the Power of Social Media:  There are innumerable social media outlets available to brand your business.  Obviously the big ones like Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn are important.  You should be creating profiles not just for your company, but for yourself as well.  Become visible through blogging and making videos about yourself and your business.

4.            Direct Contact with Your Existing Customers: In order to boost your brand image, it is important to maintain a relationship and consistent flow of communication.  Make sure you are sending out periodic newsletters, and updating your customers on company happenings and new products.  Although you should always be looking to expand, always remember that “A bird in a hand is worth more than two in a bush.”

5.            Target Key Influencers:  There are some people that greatly influence the buying decisions of your prospective customers. They might be bloggers, reviewers or top players in the industry whom others rely on for information. When they give a suggestion, or even recommend a product, a lot of people tend to follow their recommendations. These are the sort of people you need to have a good relationship with. They will help you build your business image to a great extent. But you don’t just contact or approach them and expect them to help you promote your business. They will always want to be sure they are recommending something very beneficial to their audience.

Nobody will tell you that image building is an overnight job. It requires time and effort. If you begin now and take the right steps, in record time you will start seeing results.


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