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Tips to get back to Work after Motherhood

The transition from a new mom to a working mother is always filled with anxieties – about the child, about the work and also about oneself. Here are a few common concerns along with resolving strategies which may help in the smooth transition while restarting a career after the break.

One of the most common worries of a new mom getting back to work is that they are not able to bond with the baby. The main concern for you in this case is that you feel that you have returned even before the bonding has started. If it is of some relief to you, no studies have shown until now that early return to work affects the bonding or the normal development of the child. Bonding with the child comes with the numerous interactions that you have with the baby over the months and years.

Handing over the child to a care-giver is a difficult moment for any mom. A sudden feeling surge in your mind that the baby is attached more to the care-giver than to you when he/she happily plays around with her. Although you want the child to be attached to the care-giver, especially when you are not around, you feel that too much attachment is also not required. Try to learn the skills and interests that the care-giver puts into this job so that you will be able to respect that attitude, rather than being jealous or feeling competitive. Some of the studies show that the strongest emotional bonds are always between the mother and the child even when the child is under the care of other people including a care-giver. So look for a loving and caring care-giver for your child rather than worrying about the attachment.

Getting back to work after motherhood requires a certain amount of restructuring with your work load. Do prioritize your jobs so that you do get enough time for the child as well. You need not feel guilty about your absence from home when the child is growing up. Always keep in mind that you are doing something that you love and you enjoy the challenges that it provides. Moreover, the child is not suffering because of your working. The child may later come to think of you as a role model for achievement in life. In fact, stay at home mothers always have a guilty feeling that they are not able to contribute to the financial needs of the family. You can call up in between to ensure that everything is going on smoothly. Many working moms are worried that they are spoiling the baby by not being at home. You can definitely love your child, because that is what a baby needs the most. Clinging to your child will hinder the development of an independent individual.

It is very normal for an individual to feel worried, tensed or preoccupied with some office matters at home too. Often this is the time when the child irritates you or demands attention from you. If you snap at your child at that time, do not feel guilty. Just explain to your child that you had been irritated, worried or tensed and do apologize for the same. Try to put office matters away and give the much required attention to your child.

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