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Releasing Anger the Healthy Way

It is not easy to deal with the numerous frustrations that we have in our lives, including those at home and at work. Most of us tend to bottle up the emotions for some time which keeps bubbling and spills at the most inappropriate time. Putting the emotions in its place is a challenging situation for many of us. Many end up having unacceptable habits including drinking or overeating. But there are ways to put the anger at rest.

Here are a few techniques to deal with the outbreaks of anger:

Take a walk – One of the best ways to deal with the frustrating circumstances is to walk away from that moment or situation. It is better to take solace in fresh air outside. Keep walking while inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly. This helps you to relax a bit and continue walking till you take off the emotion from your mind.

Meditate – You may feel that it is impossible to sit still and be quiet when you are bubbling with anger, but this is the best way to control the rage. It will calm your mind and body and allow you to see the situation in a new light without being stressful. Continue doing this and you may be surprised to find that the anger subsides sooner in future.

Keep a journal – Venting out pent up emotions is one of the best ways to keep anger at bay. This can be done effectively by writing the feelings about a situation in your journal. Note down the angry thoughts and feelings in a handy notebook or journal. This will clear your head of the emotions and prevent you from taking it on someone else.

Exercise – Vigorous workout is yet another way to let off the steam during difficult situations. Fast walking, cardio activities, and dance sessions helps you to use the excess energy in a more positive way which improves your mood.

Distract yourself – Find some ways to distract yourselves from the difficult person or situation until you calm down. Volunteering yourself for a good cause is an ideal way to channelize your thoughts in a more constructive way. Do something that makes you feel good about yourselves.

Anger, happiness and other emotions are a part of our life and it is ok to feel angry at times. What is more important is how to deal with these emotions and outbreaks in a safe way.

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