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Industries Hiring Moms

Women who are looking to restart their career or have a change in career have some respite even when the job market is not very promising in the entire country. There are a few industry sectors that are hiring talented moms. Here is a look at the sectors actively hiring women:

Education – Although the economic slump has affected this profession resulting in layoffs, long-term employment outlook shows that there will be an increase in the number of opportunities for teachers and administrative staff in public schools. When compared to last year, there is a significant increase in the number of openings in this sector.

Online marketing – If you are a person with a good understanding of the web and social media, you can expect to have more opportunities in online marketing for many companies. This opening, which suits mothers, has been on the increase since the time employment opportunities showed a revival.

Temporary jobs – According to the reports of the American Staffing Association, there is considerable increase in the number of temporary and contract employment. This gives a unique opportunity for moms who are planning to re-enter the job sector.

Customer service – Openings in this sector are expected to show an exponential increase for the next few years as per the predictions of U.S. Bureau of Statistics. Many call centers which were outsourced to other countries are finding their way back to the country, bringing in more opportunities in the sector. Working moms can opt for various openings in this sector.

Law – Administrative staff who will be able to restructure and streamline the processes and operations in the organization are in great demand now. This sector is one of the most popular ones for those looking out for administrative and operations avenues.

Manufacturing – This sector is actively hiring women and offering to provide flexible options. This trend is expected to continue as the sector has a number of unfilled positions due to lack of applicants.

Automobile sales – Sales of cars have increased significantly in the recent years fuelling an increase in the recruitment in the area. Car dealerships are the strong points in hiring where women are given a preference among the candidates.

Human resources – Since this sector has been a strong hold of women, an increase in positions and openings in human resources is welcome news for us. There is an increase in the human resources job listings in the recent years.

Real estate – After the economic slump, this sector has made a comeback and is now hiring for talent. Real estate, particularly commercial real estate, has increased the hiring and is a good choice for moms who want to get back to work.

Trades job – There are more jobs in trades, especially for women. Many companies in this sector are actively looking out for women and offer plenty of room for advancement.

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