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Ideal Work from Home Opportunities

Many a times, women need the flexibility to work from home for several reasons. There are quite a few opportunities to be more flexible including being a technical advisor, company chef, grant writer, company chef, fitness coach or a teacher, all from the convenience of home office.

Opportunities to be employed from home for women have increased exponentially in the past few years. Many of these offers are available at the click of a mouse. Many women prefer these opportunities at some stage of their life due to several reasons including:

·         Need to spend more time with family, especially children

·         Need to move to other places every few years as a part of the spouse’s career

·         Need for additional income

·         Disabilities that make travel for working hard

There are several opportunities, most of them quite inexpensive, for women to have a satisfying job. Some of the ideal possibilities to be employed from home include:

Bilingual technical advisor – Customer service, including the high-level technical support service, offer a variety of openings for women who are looking at having some amount of flexibility in working. In this job, technical advices and recommendations are given over the phone every day. These positions are available in different timings including day, evening or night shifts. This is an ideal opportunity for women who are good at customer service and are also technologically sound.

Executive Director – Many CEO’s and directors are working from home as it reduces the geographic limitations, and brings in more qualified candidates on board. Further, the overhead costs for office space is also eliminated. Anybody who is looking at this opportunity should have great communication skills to reach out to others.

Company Chef – Companies often ask for chefs to prepare lunch for the entire staff during the week. This gives a unique opportunity for women to cook at the convenience of home using their familiar utensils and other resources. If you are staying close to the company whom you are serving, delivery is also easy. But still, it gives the flexibility of working from home.

Global Advertising – Professionals in this field are increasingly taking up at-home employment options. Anybody in this field, be it an assistant or a director, just needs to have good communication skills to interact with partner agencies, stakeholders and other members of the team to keep the work going.

Grant Writer – Whether one opts to working for a single organization or as a freelancer, this job offers flexibility to work from the home office preparing proposals and grant applications. Using different methods of communication, one will be able to work with different clients to meet their demands.

Human Resource and Recruiting Co-ordinator – Recruiting positions are now increasingly taken as a work from home option. Recruiters can talk to the candidates and prepare the necessary paperwork from home just as in a traditional office.

Teachers – Teaching positions are also going online with more and more educational organizations opting for online instructors. Tutorials, assessment and evaluation are all done online and extra efforts are taken to ensure the success of the students.

Online Fitness Coach – Online health tips are becoming more and more popular with people and so is the position of online fitness coaches. They can work from home and help the clients to achieve their specific fitness goals. Coaching sessions, tracking programs, calorie marking and workout help are all given online. This is especially good for those who have more than one year of experience as in-person trainers.

Project Manager – Project managers who communicate with all those involved in the project and clients, and keep the project on track, can now work from the convenience of home. Efficient communication is the key to success in this role, whether they are working in an office or from home. They can depend on a variety of communication tools and opt to work for companies, consulting firms or as an independent contractor.

Registered Nurse Coach – RN nurse coaches educate the patients on prevention and treatments and provide health information. They are often appointed by insurance companies and medical providers and can do the same from home. They offer complete support to families and patients.

Vacation Planning Counsellor – With growing popularity of leisure and hospitality fields, women can now think of helping people in planning their dream vacations. They can work from the convenience of their home, working out with different hotels and hospitality groups.


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