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The Endless Opportunities Of The Internet For Individuals

We all know how the internet came about- from the ARPANet military safety to what we now know as the biggest medium that brings the world together in one place. Virtually everybody has used the internet in one way or the other, either in socializing or giving ourselves and our business more voice.

Four decades ago, the average employee would normally follow the part of employment determined by his place of birth and his education, usually sticking to one employer until he retires. Today, most people probably would not consider that as a feasible option. Your background, age, good education and perfect resume are no longer the determinant factors to succeed in life. Teens from the age of 12 have already began to produce films, code websites and even build networks through social media. By the time they become adults, they would have amassed the experience and skills that no formal education can give them. We are seeing more young millionaires that the experience of the internet has produced.

We are no longer in the industrial revolution; we are in the information age.  The internet is the driving force of this new revolution, bringing global supply and demand all in one platform, demolishing old established conventions, and reshaping new world definitions.

In order to understand this clearly, the word “local” is used to describe something physically around you like your street or your town. But today, local is everywhere in the world. Americans can outsource their service to companies from India to Argentina right in their homes. Places that were not assessable because of distance are now a digital handshake away. Workplace conventions formally defined by physical office space and long office hours are now being looked at with the corner of the eye.

People no longer consider the usual “9 to 5” lucrative jobs as a safe heaven. To some people, success is associated with doing the usual office jobs and amassing wealth, others consider success in other ways – health, freedom, happiness, more time for family and travel.

The society is interconnected and this is the global engine that drives people and changes their employee status to entrepreneur status. Whether you are a full time employee looking to augment your income, or you are a career “wannabe”, the opportunities to succeed are countless as never before.

Truly, the change has affected both the young and the old.  While a 14-year old hedge fund strategist might get someone thinking, there are 80 year olds that capture the imagination too. The market is an open and an uncontested one where anyone with skills, talents and experience can become a king outside the shackles of traditional employment.

As the new information driven century unfolds, it will continue to bring along with it more scientific advances, new inventions and most importantly, more globalized economy. We are no longer limited by our geographical location or our level of formal education to achieve what we want in life; we are only limited by our desire and the definition of who we think we are.


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