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Some Basic Tips That Will Help You Manage And Keep Your Career On Track

Have you ever doubted the career decisions you have made in your life? Ever wondered if you are really taking the right path in your career? Are you actually where you want to be? These are some of the questions that demand answers when you are evaluating how far you have gone in your career pursuit.

Career management is one of the most unpredictable journeys we take in life. Someone can start perfectly and then suddenly finds himself on the wrong footing. A lot of people find themselves in this kind of situation today. They are either not getting the financial benefits they thought they are worth, or they don’t enjoy their current job, or maybe they are stuck in their organization with little opportunities for career advancement. 

But we can avoid being in this type of situation - we can manage our career. By embarking on career management, you will ensure that you are always on track. Here are some basic steps to take that will help you effectively manage your career.

*            Start by managing your time effectively. There is no doubt that time is a valuable asset. The level you attain in life will be determined by how effective you are at managing time. Always try to make every hour count, because each time decision you make will always influence your next activity. Ensure that most of your time is spent and channeled towards actualizing those goals you have set for yourself in your career.

*             Be open to learn new things.  Each day you go to work, always put yourself in a position that will enable you learn new things and develop yourself. Learn new things everyday and always put them to the test. In the work place, you need to think and broaden your observations, expand your scope beyond what you seek, and identify opportunities that will help you advance in your career. Don’t just do what you are told and overlook every other thing that might be an opportunity in your career.  Don’t have a linear frame of might, let your thinking be broad and try to accommodate other things around you in order to build your knowledge. We can learn from our experiences at work and from our boss and colleagues. Always examine your working environment and identify those at the top and what they do to be at the top.  Connect with people in your workplace and others in similar working environment and see what those that are advancing are doing.

*             Find out if your contributions are well appreciated. Do you feel that you are showcasing your best talents and that they are being appreciated and rewarded in your organization? If yes, continue in that direction. If no, find out why not. Career tracking and management involves knowing the progress you are making in your career. If your boss is not recognizing the efforts you are putting the way you want, it could be you are not doing something right. Go over to the “drawing board” and evaluate your performances so far. If there are areas you are not putting enough effort, increase the momentum. Competition is fierce, even among employees, so your chance to stay at the top will largely depend on how you differentiate yourself from the rest.

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