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Engage In Personal Branding at the Workplace To Advance In Your Chosen Career

If we consider a business as a living thing, then working and still losing money would be synonymous to “bleeding”. In simple terms, no living thing can survive if it doesn’t try to look for a way to end the bleeding.  In the same vein, a company that does not earn more money that it spends is likely to go down the drain very soon. If the business should survive, all teams and departments under the company must bring in more money than they take out. In this regard, each of the units will be contributing their part towards the bigger body.  Taking this assertion towards the employees end, every employee should be branded as “profitable” if they are to be considered relevant in their organization.

Supposing the cost your company incurs on you and the benefit it derives from you is represented in a profit and loss statement, what would it look like? Would there be more profit for the company or would they incur more liability? And do you know that the result will always have an effect on your personal brand?

Before you were hired, there was a decision made that your position would be very vital to the survival of the company. They decided that the benefit of your stay in the company will far outweigh the cost. Companies don’t employ people and incur the attendant cost for fun. They employed you because they felt you are going to add more value to them both in the present time and the foreseeable future. Did they make the right decision? It is easy to find out now that you have a track record.

Be aware that managers keep records of the progress their employees have made so far since they were hired. They are aware of the “strong” and “weak” people among them. While this value assessment exercise is formal, at times it isn’t.

Such a list might either be written down or remain in your manager’s head, but be rest assured that it is always there. Just as they took the decision and determined that you are fit to work with them and gave you a position, every other promotion or career advancement exercise will follow the same scrutiny. Just as no organization can survive for long without profit, no employee can be able to retain his job for long without bringing in substantial contribution.

It is possible to actually appraise your P & L statement and find out how you are faring in terms of the benefit and cost of your service to your company.

One way of ensuring you are contributing to the company’s good health is to make a re-evaluation of your daily activities in the company since you started with them. Find out if there are areas in which you are not performing as well as expected. If you are not exercising enough discipline in your work, improve on that. Also, seek for ways to streamline processes, improve customer loyalty, and reduce cost. These activities in the work place will no doubt help you to develop your personal brand.

Above all, your capacity to have a personal brand that creates value in your workplace will determine how fast and how far you advance in your chosen career.


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