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Saundra Knowles Kinnaird
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United States
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October 1, 2012
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Education / Degree
Certification San Jose State University internet education institute internet technology
Founder & Editor
Expertise In
Truth and honesty passion for digital ...
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Years Of Experience In Industry
Since 1994
Communications | Media
Type of Business
Digital Consumer Market Research
Products / Services Offered

Founder and Trademark holder of DIGITAL TIMES®. Research testing and analysis of interactive products and services for enhanced consumer experiences.

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Affiliations / Awards
Favorite Vacation Place
San Francisco
Hobbies / Sports
iPad 83 year old husband
Place of Birth
Sacramento CA
More About Me

Saundra is the Founder of DIGITAL TIMES® a research and market analysis company offering a comprehensive array of services that consistently enhance the experiences of digital consumers. 

Building her academic foundation in Business Saundra simultaneously launched her career as a Market Researcher for Frost & Sullivan in Mountain View California.

Paralleling her position as an entrepreneur Saundra followed her expertise in research and analysis to found Digital times in 1993. Striving to provide both consumers and the business community with advisory content Saundra also serves as Editor for her digital lifestyle newsletter. 

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