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Thomas Steiger
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Ohio »
United States
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October 1, 2012
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Customer service
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Claad Mechanical LLC
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Boiler HVAC & Controls Service
Products / Services Offered

HVAC Forensics- Determine the cause of failures and provide solutions to issues discovered during diagnostics.
Building Controls- Outside the box solutions to comfort and efficiency problems with in building environmental control systems.
Boilers Systems - Explore and detail STEAM and HOT WATER systems and to provide comfort and efficiency.
Out Side the box fresh look at problems that have not properly been defined.
Cost effective solutions are quite the norm once the problem is defined.

For Commercial Industrial and Residential clients


Resurrection of steam systems older built-up heating and cooling systems. It is nice to enjoy ones work.

Refrigeration and Air conditioning systems. Custom design and maintenance.

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Dearborn Michigan
More About Me

Thomas is the CEO of Claad Mechanical LLC a commercial and residential heating and cooling service company specializing in Boiler HVAC and Controls services for Commercial Industrial and Residential clients.

Building his academic foundation in Heating and Air Conditioning at the Cuyahoga Valley Joint Vocational School Boiler School in the US Navy and in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning at McKim Technical Thomas continued to build nearly three decades of hands on expertise.

Reaching the pinnacle of his career with the launch of Claad Mechanical LLC in 2011. Thomas currently leads the company as CEO extending his profound knowledge and experience with an unwavering commitment to customer service.

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