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Melinda Wilp
Basic Info
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United States
Member Since:
October 1, 2012
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Education / Degree
Masters Rutgers University
Expertise In
EPoweringU Organization for women who are recently divorced or new mothers help with finances self esteem knowledge of hidden accounts schooling nutritionist on hand as well as a psychiatrist for counseling
Company Name
Melinda A. Wilp Llc
Years Of Experience In Industry
26 years
Type of Business
Financial Services
Products / Services Offered

Energetic group of individuals that bring set skill to the table whole picture firm certified forensic accountant

Twitter URL!/mawcpa
Company Website
Affiliations / Awards

ASCPA ASPE NSCPA NAUA NSPA; EPowering U for women who are divorced or new mothers instructs in finances/credit hidden assets schooling self esteem and knowledge nutritionist psychiatrist

Hobbies / Sports
Music singing keyboards clarinet theatre
More About Me


Melinda is the Owner of Melinda A. Wilp LLC her financial firm offering a variety of services in finances and accounting through a group of energetic representatives and consultants.

Earning a Masters Degree from Rutgers University Melinda continued to build a broad spectrum of talents under the Finance umbrella building 26 years of expertise in financial statements forensic accounting fraud prevention and business valuation. Having applied her knowledge in the Manufacturing Healthcare Restaurant and Pharmaceutical Industries Melinda set out embrace and extend her full spectrum of expertise as an entrepreneur with the launch of her firm in 2008.

Drawing on her innate motivation and interpersonal skills Melinda guides her team of staff to offer clients a whole picture view of their financial situations and strategic plans for future success. Highly regarded as a Financial expert Melinda excels in Forensic Accounting and Fraud Prevention also recognized for her ability to discover hidden assets in divorce litigation and her utilization of statistical analysis to turn around business profitability.

Extending her expertise to those in need Melinda is affiliated with the EPoweringU Organization aiding in their efforts to support recently divorced women and new mothers. 


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