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Johnny Argus
Basic Info
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United States
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October 1, 2012
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Education / Degree
Certified CJF (Certified Journeyman Farrier) GED
Expertise In
Horseshoer for New Orleans police department expertise is rubber shoes
Company Name
J.E. Argus Jr. CJF
Years Of Experience In Industry
52 years
Type of Business
Equine Hoof Care
Products / Services Offered

Farrier specialist in equine hoof care including the trimming and balancing of horses hooves and the placement of horseshoes

Affiliations / Awards

American Farrier Association Southern Farrier Association National Park System

Favorite Vacation Place
Florida and out West
Hobbies / Sports
Place of Birth
New Orleans La.
More About Me

Johnny is a Certified Journeyman Farrier operating as J.E. Argus Jr. CJF. After earning his certification Johnny continued to build an expansive career spanning more than five decades.

As a specialist in equine hoof care Johnny is relied upon by New Orleans Police Department providing their team of horses with his seasoned craftsmanship and expertise. Highly regarded as an expert in rubber shoes Johnny has developed a reputation for comprehensive hoof care well known for his ability to trim and balance hooves and customize shoes to suite each horse’s preferred form of use.

Johnny is affiliated with the American Farrier Association the Southern Farrier Association and the National Park System. 

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