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Laurie Mangiagli
Basic Info
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United States
Member Since:
October 1, 2012
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Passive Income Specialist
Expertise In
Wealth Pair Development
Company Name
Nonni Surgical
Years Of Experience In Industry
1 private lending and 10 painting
Type of Business
Private Lending and Watercolor Artist
Products / Services Offered

I connect private money with secured assets to produce passive incomes.

Company Website
Affiliations / Awards

I am a member of the DAR.

Favorite Vacation Place
Hobbies / Sports
Watercolor artist snow skiing playing bridge spending time with granddaughter
More About Me

As you can see from my profile photo I am a watercolorist. I love to blend colors and watch the paint throw a party as it moves across the paper. Watercolor is an uncontrollable medium for the most part and a terrific stress reliever for those of us who like to control our environment! It helps my spirit soar.

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