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Bruce Spath
Basic Info
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United States
Member Since:
October 1, 2012
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Education / Degree
High School
Expertise In
Lights effects and music
Company Name
Wildfire Entertainment /Slatts Music & Light Show
Years Of Experience In Industry
29 Years
Music | Music Management
Type of Business
DJ Music and special effects
Products / Services Offered

Music and entertainment tailored to your need with a comic routine mixed in for additional entertaining

Company Website
d.j. slatts music and light show-on Face Book
Affiliations / Awards

I have a Dregree of M.H.D. (Master of Howdowning) presented to me by Spaths Square Dance Art School (my dad) for taking and completeing Square Dance Lessons back in the 70s. My High School Degree where Speech was my favorite subjectand I had a couple of writeups in the papers back in 2000 and then again in 2010 on my Dee Jaying.

Hobbies / Sports
Djing & Nebraska Cornhusker Football
Place of Birth
Fremont Hospitol Fremont Nebraska
More About Me

I started out with helping my dad sing on some of the Singing Calls that he was doing as a Square Dance Caller and found out that i liked entertaining people. I took lessons in Square Dancing and later on we went to Square Dance Conventions and a bunch of Night Owl Dances where you started dancing at 9pm and had to be out there dancing at 5am. That got me alot of exposure to people and standing in front of them calling.

Later on I tryed calling on my own. Even tryed for a new record in the Guinness Book of Records for the longest Square Dance Ever Called. Didnt make it and calling didnt work out so I joined my first band.Thats when i got my first taste and love for Dee Jaying.

I was Dee Jaying in the late 70s & with bands up until 2004 when i joined my last band as their Lightman.

They brokeup within the first year so i went back to Dee Jaying and never looked back.

To present I have a huge Light Show. While most of the lights are auto I do run five spots by hand. I now Dee Jay all my music off my Laptop. I come out in front of the stage and shake a few hands during a Theme Song and introduce myself and its on with the show.

I work parttime at the Walmart here in Fremont as a Cart Pusher.

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