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Valerie Towe
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United States
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October 1, 2012
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Education / Degree
Associate of Arts in Communications
Radio Host
Expertise In
Promotions and Entertainment in the Music industry. Providing accurate information and Communication resources. Cutting Through the Hype Translating Political Jargon into Laymans Terms. Over all keeping the Rock world up to date on the Real world.
Company Name
Hard Rock Radio Live
Years Of Experience In Industry
Over 10 Years
Television | Film | Radio
Type of Business
Art Entertainment Sports Television Film Radio
Products / Services Offered

Working to Involve the Audience in Getting Involved and Informed with World Politics and events by Providing Information and Insight. Offering Guidance to Ways and Locations to Become Informed and Involved. 

Company Website
Affiliations / Awards

Involved with Rock the Vote Keep America Safe The Oath Keepers and

Favorite Business Publication
Reader Magazine
Favorite Vacation Place
Alaska (one day)
Hobbies / Sports
Family & Supporting live shows
Place of Birth

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