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Alicia Ashley Weathersby
Basic Info
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United States
Member Since:
October 1, 2012
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Education / Degree
Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education
Artist and Independent Marketing Director
Expertise In
To encourage edify and empower people.
Company Name
Ashley Unlimited and Financial Destination Inc.
Years Of Experience In Industry
Six years
Type of Business
Art and Telecommunications
Products / Services Offered

Ms. Ashley is an abstract artist whose technique includes a combination of mixed media: metals wire textured and handmade papers paints clothes and fibers that marry to create a rare three dimensional effect.

Financial Destination Inc. is revolutionizing the world of communication with FDI Voice Kylee and FDI Handsfree. The convenience of one phone number for all your telecom needs significantly cost saving with FDI Voice integrated digital phone service and your own personel assistant.

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Affiliations / Awards

Some of Ms. Ashley other affiliations are Living Word Ministries and Namyanka Christian Performing Arts.

Favorite Vacation Place
Myrtle Beach SC
Hobbies / Sports
Arts dance exercising and spending time with her family.
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