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Jerry Charles
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United States
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October 1, 2012
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Education / Degree
PhD Philosophy
Tribal Veteran Representative
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Community and Tribal Leadership Helping Native American Veterans in Many Ways Has Lectured and Published
Company Name
Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe
Years Of Experience In Industry
8 Years
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Type of Business
Non Profit Government
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Providing Counseling and Services to Native American Veterans Veterans and Retirees of the Olympic Peninsula.  

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Affiliations / Awards

US Army 1974-1999; Rank of Captain. The Veterans Groups are American Legion Advocates for American Indain Veterans Joint American Indian Veterans Advocacy Council Military Officers Association of America American Military Retiree Association United States Field Artillery Association Society of the 1st INF DIV Vioces for Veterans National American Indian Veterans American Veterans Vietnam Veterans of American Elwha Klallam Veterans Group. The Awards that I received from the Military and these Veterans Group can never be enough for the work  that has been done for the Veterans. I do appreciate them for the success in acheivement of our goals and mission.

Favorite Vacation Place
Hobbies / Sports
Helping People making drums out of Elk and deer hides working with Cedar bark in making Hatsremodling housing for people to live in them repairing things so that they can be used by people expend and add on the existing home to make it bigger and better f
Place of Birth
More About Me

I am a Retired Army Captian with over 20 years of service to this country. I am the son of the late George Charles who is a Korean War Veteran. My mother is Bernice Anderson (Sampson). I have three sisters two brothers Seven kids two stepkids and forteen grandkids and one greatgrandchild. I am married to the most wonderful women in the world for nine years.  Since I have arrived home I have joined the following groups Advoctes for American Indian Veterans (AAIV) Voices for Veterans Joint American Indian Veterans Advocacy Council (JAIVAC) American Legion American Veterans (AMVETS) 1st INf Div. Association Field Artillery Association Miliary Officers of American Asssociation(MOAA) Society of the 1st Infantry Divesion Vietnam Veterans of Ameriica (VVA)National American Indian Veterans (NAIV). Started the Tribal Elwha Klallam Veterans Group American Military Retiree Association (AMRA). I am doing what I can to bring Veteran Services out to Rural Area in Indian Country and the Community that we call home. Health Care is now being provided in our Community in two locations and Veterans Homelessness is being worked on by more than one organization through our networkiing. Teamwork is the biggest key to our success in our area. I enjoy my family and love seeing my children grow into great young adluts in our community.

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