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Kathy  Carpenter
Basic Info
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United States
Member Since:
October 1, 2012
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Education / Degree
Studied Accounting at Troy State University
Secretary Treasurer
Expertise In
Human Resource Operations Purchasing and Retail
Company Name
Westend Oil LLC
Years Of Experience In Industry
Thirteen Years
Type of Business
Convenience Store Cafe Gas Station
Products / Services Offered
B.P. Fuels Convenience store Retail Cafe and Gas Station
Company Website
Affiliations / Awards
Petroleum & Convenience Marketers Association
Favorite Vacation Place
North Georgia Mountains
Hobbies / Sports
Gardening Maintenance of 5 Ecommerce Sites
Place of Birth
Dothan Al
More About Me
My father started his first business in 1960. I was nine years old at the time. By the time I was twelve he had diversified as he always called it into three more. The list goes on and on. So I can truly say I have been in business all my life. There has never been a time that one of the businesses didnt need an extra person to do some job for a day or for the entire summer. Mother finally trained me to help her keep books. She never called herself an accountant. A few of the businesses he would have a partner and those were the ones that never made the cut. If he wasnt directly involved in the day to day operation the bank account never seemed to have much money in it. Those companies he closed usually with a loss of money and of a partner that was a friend. I married and left in 1970. My brother had a motorcycle accident in 1972 that left him unable to be the one to step up and fill the shoes of the CEO. My sister joined the conglomerate full time in 1977. By this time he was down to just three corporations and things were getting a little more manageable. In 1980 I divorced and moved to Montgomery Al and secured a position with the State of Alabama in the State Arts & Humanities Agency. This was something I was very interested in and I enjoyed the work very much. June 301981 President Reagans budget cut backs closed down the grant that paid for my position. So I finally agreed to come back home and take mothers place and let her retire at the early age of 52. I became the accountant for all the corporations and worked in the ServStar Hardware and learned how to sell Butler Metal buildings. The other corporation was a land development corporation a subdivision that was completed in 1976. It turned out that I liked the construction company and had a unknown talent for estimating jobs and supervising the work during the construction process. We were Butler Builders for over 25 years. In 1996 I built my last building. It is the present business I am responsible for. Westend OilLLC. A BP Convenience Store with a full cafe on one end. We have been open thirteen years. Just so you dont have to wonder what happened to my sister she is still responsible for the Hardware. It is so much better to be down to just one business at a time. I dont know if this would be called a bio in Stanfords guidelinesbut I do get carried away sometimes and when you get just the facts as the man said it is very unpersonable. You may know more about me than you wish to in that case maybe you stopped reading after the first paragraph.

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