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John Piatt

Lives in  Missouri United States · Born on October 6
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John Piatt
Hello Everyone.

I pray everyone had a Blessed and Prosperous
day. The Internet is changing fast, if you would
like help to improve your business write me a
message, leave me your phone number, and ...
John Piatt
May everyone's New Year be filled with Blessings and Prosperity.
Good Health for You and your Family.
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John Piatt
Hello Everyone!

I hope to hear back from some
of my Friends. I know I haven't been
here in a while,I have been trying
to reach Missouri State Business
and every time I tried it would always
tell me it...
John Piatt
Hello to All my Friends

Get your own Free QR Codes
Help you advertise on any Smart
Device. Your customers can actually
load your website on their Smart
John Piatt
Hello Everyone

I am so excited about the possibilities I just had to share this with you.
is holding their next "Opportunity Webinar"
this Saturday, October 24, at
John Piatt
To All my Friends:

I just wanted to Thank you for All
your prayers, I am sad to say my mom passed
away 5 days before Christmas last year.

It has taken a lot of time, and I am not
over it yet, be...
John Piatt
John Piatt
Sorry I haven't been here in a while. But Honestly I haven't been able to get on the site, and I couldn't even call them. Today is the Very First time I have been able to log onto my website.

I Ho...
John Piatt
David & Corrine I Thank you Very Much for the Prayers for my mom. It Truly means the world to me. I pray God finds favor for you and yours Families. Thank You A Million times over.
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Corrine Blankman
You're so welcome, John. Everything will be fine, let's not stop praying.
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